Hi, I'm Dailyn Kim.

I was born in Seoul and raised in Indonesia in a diverse community of more than 300 ethnic groups and multiple artistic perspectives. Each piece of art and its artist has a different story: where they came from, what they’ve experienced, and their unique point of view. This has always fueled my curiosity and my analytical approach to understanding deeper values.


I love finding problems as much as I love solving them. A problem involves facts, rational reasons, speculations, limitations, idiosyncratic beliefs, and feelings that need to be understood and these factors stimulate human instinct to be creative. People ask me what kind of product I see myself designing in the future. What fuels me to design is the problem; an identified problem that needs creative solution or a problem that needs clarification through design research and creative processes.

I believe through curiosity and deeply understanding one's story, I can deeply connect with people and create a greater impact through my design work.

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© Dailyn Kim

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