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Why protective cases have to be bulky? Some case companies make their cases look bulkier that it is actually is. Intentionally or not, the use of rigid contours and sharp form transitions create an illusion of a product to look thicker and extremely protective just like your phone is shield with an armour.


Without the elegance of the iPhone being totally obliterated, Incase Design wanted to find that balance of the sleek look and the protection. Thankfully, technology brought to us a new TPE material that Incase Design called, Tensaerlite to build an exeptionally protective case without sacrificing the thickness. This material that is used in Pop Case 2 could retain its minimal thickness and weight with a result of 16% reduction in g-force compared to the commonly used TPU.


Pop Case 2 is advertised as a superb protection case with triple injected materials followed by air pockets along the inner frame to achieve maximum protection from impacts. This is how I visualized this idea. 


Two layers of materials along the frame are shown through two contrasting colors interlocking with one another. The inner layer of the frame that is made of a softer density TPE, is punctured through the button area revealing its color from the outside, highlighting the buttons.


The seamlessly extruded pill shape button is split in the middle to indicate the top and the bottom of the volume button. The buttons that are connected to the softer material of the inner bumper results in a smoother button press. Most importantly, it safeguards all vulnerable spots including the raised bezel around the screen and the camera lens from direct contact to any surface. 




Dailyn Kim

Production Date:

September 2018

- Present




iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone XR








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