Protective Guard Cover

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Supporting thinner smartphones and microchip technologies, Incase protection is also getting slimmer and weightless, aligning to consumer needs in 2017-2018. Protective Guard Cover is a single injection mold with a technology infused TPE material, that we call Tensaerlite. Instead of layering multiple materials for strength, Tensaerlite alone does the outstanding shock absorbing performance while retaining its weightless construction. It resulted in 16% reduction in g-force compared to the commonly used TPU cases.


To retain its minimum weight and thickness, design details are applied through carving unessential surfaces to a 3 dimensional groove pattern. These grooves that follow the iPhone contour creates a stronger grip to your hold. Design details are also applied through multiple finishing textures on a single material: gloss and matte. These approaches on a single material resulted in a reduction in manufacturing cost and time.


Formerly patented Incase + and - buttons are applied to this design to emphasize the sleekness of the iPhone and to carryover its outstanding functionality. Yielding a form-fitting design that echoes the elegant contours of the iPhone, Protective Guard Cover safeguards all vulnerable spots including the raised bezel around the screen and camera lens to prevent direct surface-to-display contact. It comes in 4 colors: clear, transparent black, transparent rose gold, and transparent powder blue, giving customers more options to choose from. 




Dailyn Kim




iPhone X



Production Date:

September 2017

- Present




Powder Blue

Rose Gold

Protective Guard Cover

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