Protective Clear Cover

iPhone Protection #2  /  2018  

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Industry Trend

Consumer electronic accessories are preferred to be serene and minimal in 2018/19. Smartphone carriers and online/

offline retailers are more likely to purchase clean and unblemished designs that enhance the aesthetics of the iPhone.

Design Approach

Subtle functional aesthetics are seasoned into Protective Clear Cover.

Incase 2018 iPhone case collection. Textured Snap, Protective Clear Cover, Pop Case 2, and Lift Case (left to right).
Aesthetics Approach

The continuous 360˚ micro grooves along the frame of a single injected case create a rough texture and allow users to grab the phone more securely from any angle. This design detail on a single material reduced manufacturing costs and time, while looking unique and sophisticated.

Formerly patented Incase + and - buttons are applied to this design to emphasize the sleekness of the iPhone and to carry over its outstanding functionality. Yielding a form-fitting design that echoes the elegant contours of the iPhone, Protective Clear Cover safeguards all vulnerable spots including the raised bezel around the screen and camera lens to prevent direct surface-to-display contact. It comes in three colors: clear, transparent black, and transparent rose gold that have been proven to be the most favorable colors for an iPhone case.



Design Director:

Evan Hong


Dailyn Kim

Production Date:

September 2018

- Present






Rose Gold




iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone XR

Idea Sketches

Single injected TPU

E-Com Website Overview
Store Display
Myeongdong Incase Store, South Korea
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Protective Clear Cover

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