ProConnected Qi Pad

Wireless Charging Pad  /  2017

Presented at CES 2018 by

Design Brief

After the launch of the first wireless chargeable Apple smartphones, Incase wanted to provide a wireless charging solution for travelers to use with Incase ProConnected Smart Luggage on the go. ProConnected Qi Pad is designed with the existing Qi modules at the mother company warehouse. Incase transformed it to a fresh new look.

Design Approach

ProConnected Smart Luggage has a big pocket on the top surface to allow users to easily access items like wallets and passports. Inside this pocket, an extra pocket is built to store ProConnected Qi Pad with the consideration of cable management when it is connected to the battery platform located under the pocket. A thin layer of the luggage top surface allows users to charge a smartphone directly from the top without a removal of the Qi pad from the pocket. It can also be zipped in with the Qi pad to secure charge on the move. ProConnected Qi Pad uses a 3-coil wireless charging module to provide a wider range of detection of the contact with a smartphone.  


ProConnected Qi Pad is designed to be removable from the luggage to allow its use in many settings, such as in hotels, at home, or on the go. The USB-C cable is also detachable from the Qi pad for easy storing and an LED light next to the USB port indicates on, off, low battery mode, and charge mode.

Aesthetics Approach

Following the form of the ProConnected Smart Luggage, ProConnected Qi pad has big radii on the four corners forming an oblong shape just like the top surface of the luggage. The cable port of the Qi pad is protruded as far as the head of the cable could be fully covered and the height of the inserted cable-head is flush with the bottom surface of the Qi pad to equip stability to the cable connection when it is hooked up with the battery platform in the luggage. The cable port has an open cutout on the bottom to easily attach and detach the cable from the Qi pad and from the luggage for its use in multiple settings with and without the luggage.



Design Director:

Evan Hong


Dailyn Kim

Date Presented:

CES 2018


Development Status:




Soft Touch

Connector Type:



iPhone X


iPhone 8 Plus

Qi Compatible Smartphones

Idea Sketches

Tensaerlite™ TPE

inner frame

TPU outer frame

Clear PC back panel

Air pockets along the frame interior

Prototyping Process

Pop Case 2

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